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I felt like I'd lost everything. My home, my girlfriend, my friends, they were all washed away by a group of shape shifter thugs who were determined to keep their boots on the throat of every wolf and hybrid in North America.

Graves Manor being burned to the ground was the last straw. I was relieved when Alec, the leader of our pack, told us to scatter and go to ground while he worked on a plan that would allow us to fight back against the hybrid enforcers that had come so close to killing us.

I thought Ash, Kristin and I were in for a few quiet weeks. I didn't count on the fact that one of my companions was a ticking bomb or the fact that the other was hiding a secret that was going to change the world as I knew it.

Young Adult
October 10
Fir'shan Publishing
Dean Murray

Customer Reviews

LaLa Reads ,

Great book! Great series!

This series is great! The books are written from different people's perspectives so you get a well rounded sense of what is happening.

ABBK8908 ,


This book will take you to another world. Told through Issac's eyes, this book gives you little to no hope for the survival of the pack for much of the book. But we get to see Isaac grow and move on in some unplanned, but wonderful ways. I could have never dreamed any of this up in my wildest imagination but somehow the writer makes every bit of it seem as realistic and believable as a fish swimming in water. I mean, by book ten we've all just accepted shape shifters are real, right?? I can't wait to pick up the next book and continue down the rabbit hole!!

Luvtoread! ,


I just finished my 10th book of reflections! I can't wait to start book 11, why, because each and every book is unique and exquisitely written.
The stories are constantly webbing past history without contradictions and repetition!!!
I've never read anything that compares!!!
I love or hate each main character because I now feel I know them personally enough to do so!
When I'm done reading all of the reflections series there is no doubt in my mind that I will re read each and every one of them... I know I missed many little innuendos and hints of what was to come!

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