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Adjunct assistant professor of diagnostic imaging at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and publisher of Simply Physics, Moriel NessAiver PhD, takes on the seemingly formidable task of explaining in easy-to-understand language, the basic workings of the most complicated diagnostic technology in human history – that of magnetic resonance imaging. He describes the process by which precessing (wobbling) protons interact with the magnetic field of an MR scanner to produce high resolution depictions of the tissues, and defines such terms as T1- and T2- weighting, spin echo, and gradient echo imaging. With the help of some of the most beautifully rendered illustrations ever seen on this topic, he shows how the type of information elicited through each form of image acquisition helps to build the radiologist’s understanding of the pathology of the organ and/or process under examination. The easiest, fastest, and most fun way to get up to speed on this oft-avoided subject. 

The “Radiology Guidance for Referring Physicians” series of ibooks offers practicing clinicians - both primary care doctors and specialists - a quick and easy reference to over 100 distinct conditions, and how state-of-the-art imaging should be employed within the context of diagnosis, preoperative staging and therapy monitoring. 

Authored by board certified radiologists who also teach at the finest medical schools in the U.S. and abroad, each ibook is presented in a clear and concise manner meant to be read in less than an hour, yet contains all the necessary information with which to base a decision on when to order advanced imaging studies for the particular disease process under review. 

The “Radiology Guidance for Referring Physicians” series of sub-specialty mini books offers doctors a way to access crucial information quickly as cases present in daily practice, without having to wade through large, (and expensive) comprehensive volumes.

February 19
Rad Guidance

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