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My name is Dima and I’m a Dragon. 

I’m also going to die soon. Its a battle I’ve waged most of my life, but now the odds are looking crappy. Before I go up flames, I have to find a way to save my horde and make sure my secret treasure is safe. There is one way I could stick around a bit longer, but the men I’ve met aren’t exactly lining up to save me.

What in hell does a Dragon Princess have to do to find a mate? Offing my father, the reviled Dragon King, would be one way to go. He has a penchant for eliminating any male who shows interest—not to mention he’s been trying to kill me for almost 500 years. 

So my brilliant plan is to take out my father in a blaze of glory—pun intended. However, I have to suck it up and do some stuff I don’t want to do. 

For example, getting along with Dragons who don’t trust me is a horrific challenge even though we share the same goal. That’s why I aligned myself with the rag tag pack of shifters who accepted me and my secret treasure unconditionally. They’re my friends now and I’m keeping them. I’ll fry anyone who dares to speak against my Werewolves, Werecows and the fabulous gay Vampyre named Dwayne. 

Unfortunately the Weres who love me don’t have the kind of fire power I need to take out my father. To get that I have allied myself with a dangerous group of Dragons known as The Resistance. Staying away from the sexy, pompous, fire-breathing, blow hard of a leader is turning out to be a full time job. And no… he’s not even in the running for the mate. Mutual incineration would be inevitable—or sexual combustion. 

You see… Dragons aren’t the easiest of the species to get along with. You can dress us up and take us out, but at the end of the day we’re still the idiots who like a little friendly blood shed and sex—make that lots of sex.

My life keeps getting more and more complicated, but I’ve run out of options. I’m about to run out of time too. I’m learning there’s no where to run and no where to hide from destiny. 

July 18
Robyn Peterman
Robyn Peterman-Zahn

Customer Reviews

Empress 79 ,


I have enjoyed this book greatly and couldn't put it down. Your imagination is bigger than the dragons and never repetitive, outstanding job👌🏽

math wizard ,

Gang Is All Here

Excellent story! Not only do you have dragons but into the action you have Junior, Grannie, Dwayne, the werecows and their mates and so many more. The book was very funny, eye opening with the action going on but kept me engrossed up to the very end. The romance was different but good. Read the book and enjoy it as much as I did! The next book which I have already read is awesome!

KathyDubois ,

Loved it!

I am an avid fan of Robyn's books and this book did not disappoint! As a mom who would do anything for her children, I could relate to Dima in a weird kind of way! LOL Of course, as for all the other wonderful, crazy characters in this book, they were a joy to keep up with! If you want to laugh and enjoy a HEA, then this is the story!

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