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As summer comes to an end in her Jersey Shore town, Lucy Berberian continues to manage her family’s Mediterranean restaurant. The Kebab Kitchen also has a food tent at this year’s beach festival. But now a local businessman is under the boardwalk—dead by the sea …
With a sand castle contest and live music, Ocean Crest bids a bittersweet farewell to tourist season. Summer will return next year … but Archie Kincaid won’t. The full-of-himself store owner has been fatally shot, soon after a screaming match with Lucy’s best friend. Katie’s far from the only suspect, though, since Archie had some bitter rivals—as well as some relationships no one knew about. It’s up to Lucy to look into some seedy characters and solve the case before the wrong person gets skewered …
Recipes included!
“Clever and charming … A culinary delight that will have readers salivating over the food and hungry for literary answers.”
RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars, on Hummus and Homicide
“A series that will prove delightful for cozy fans.”
Parkersburg News & Sentinel 

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 26
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Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Third book in series!

One Feta in the Grave by Tina Kashian takes us back to Ocean Crest, New Jersey on a hot August day. Lucy Berberian is the manager of her family’s Mediterranean restaurant, Kebab Kitchen. It is the opening day of a weeklong beach festival which begins with the sand sculpture contest. Unfortunately, Archie Kincaid, owner of Seaside Gifts, is not playing by the rules and Katie Watson must ask him to step down from his judging duties. Lucy is the organizer for the food and wine event in which Kebab Kitchen has a tent with mouthwatering delicacies from their head chef, Azad Zakarian. Lucy decides to cool off in the afternoon with a walk on the beach where she discovers Archie shot dead under the boardwalk. Detective Calvin Clemmons is in charge of the investigation and Officer Bill Watson, Katie’s husband, finds himself booted off the case. Katie is at the top of Detective Clemmons suspect list after a loud altercation with the victim at city hall over a denied business license. Lucy is not about to let her best friend be railroaded by the antagonistic detective. Plus, Clemmons has shut down the beach festival and store owners are losing much needed income. Archie managed to anger several townspeople and was known for the shouting matches with rival store owner, Harold Harper. Lucy delves into the victim’s life in the hopes of uncovering the killer. Lucy narrows her sights onto her target, but can she catch him.

One Feta in the Grave is the third installment in A Kebab Kitchen Mystery series and each book can stand on its own. I thought One Feta in the Grave contained good writing with steady pacing. Lucy finds herself roped into helping at the beach festival courtesy of her best friend, Katie Watson who is responsible for the event. Unfortunately, Archie Kincaid and his rival, Harold Harper manage to cause trouble right from the beginning. Tina Kashian gives readers lovely descriptions of the town, the beach, and the various shops which brings the setting alive. Lucy has left behind her career as an attorney to run Kebab Kitchen and she has rekindled her romance with head chef, Azad Zakarian. Michael, who manages the bicycle rental shop for his uncle, is interested in Lucy and takes her out for long rides on his motorcycle. I must admit that I am partial to Michael over the hot-headed, jealous Azad. I like the various characters in the series as I find them likeable and relatable. I am especially fond of Lucy’s cute niece. There are luscious descriptions of the food cooked and served at Kebab Kitchen. Readers get to learn more about the food related to the Armenian culture. The mystery intrigued me since it could not be solved immediately (I love a good puzzle). There are multiple suspects who have good motive for harming Archie (at least in their eyes). There are recipes at the end of the book for lentil soup, date stuffed cookies, and Greek salad with feta cheese. One Feta in the Grave is a fun, light cozy mystery that will have you longing for a sunny day at the beach. Join Lucy at the Jersey shore in One Feta in the Grave.

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