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We became best friends in elementary school.
We fell in love in high school.
We were soulmates with our future planned and nothing to stop us.
Sounds perfect, right?
WRONG...not every love story ends with happily ever after.

I hate the boy who broke my heart but I also can’t stop loving him. It's been 17 years since I've been home; now I'm back and that boy who I tried to hate for so long is promising me a future...again.

Is it possible to put the past behind us after so many years of pain? Can we begin another love story that never really ended? Or is it better for both of us to finally let go for good and close that chapter in our lives forever?

February 27
Michelle Sullivan
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kirchersmiles ,


Our Next Chapter by Michelle Sullivan

5 ++++++ Stars


I just finished this and oh my goodness…..I messed up and read Our Unexpected Hope first which was ok it did not mess anything up, and it was in reading Our Unexpected Hope that made me pick this one up like seconds after finishing. I can honestly say, I never like to go back and read a book when I pretty much already know the outcome of who was in that book. But in this case I had to. The characters of Dez and Karalyn..I don't even have words for these two….I simply fell in love with both of them..Their story broke my heart more than once and they caused more than a few tears. I just don't know what to say to give this book or this author the justice thats deserved. I can't even tell you which one of these books I liked better because they were both simply awesome and I recommend them both. This author has a style about her writing that grabs you and doesn't let go even after you read the last word.

I already want to read them both again and I will very soon and then I just know I will very soon after that. I loved them.

I will be one of the first in line for any and everything this author comes up with. Another one of those books that 5 stars just isn't enough!

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