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When Tomorrow Becomes Today

Declaring the end from the beginning...(Isaiah 40:11)


Have you ever wondered what the seemingly strange behavior of a prophet has to do with God’s purposes for today and in the generations to come? There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding the office of the prophet. There is even more mystery concerning the personality of the prophet. Is this behavior necessary?


Prophetic Impact was written with a twofold purpose:

To help remove the mysteries of this office

To bridge the chasms that seem to leave our past; our present and our future disconnected.

Every true prophetic word will take us to where Jesus is and equip us to do what Jesus did for the same reasons that Jesus did what He did. He was the first born of many brethren and he came to reveal the Father.


    The prophet speaks to the value and the edification of the body of Christ at large. The prophet will cause individuals to ultimately focus on the purposes of God for the entire body.

    JOANNE BUSH has served the Lord in ministry for 38 years. Her ministry experience spans from the Tidewater area in Virginia to the country of Mexico and many places in between. Joanne spent eighteen years in Indianapolis starting Majestic Love Center Community Church, Pastor’s Prayer Partners and Success In Ministry, her current ministry. Her desire is to see the fulfillment of 1 John 2:6 (walk as Jesus walked).

    Success In Ministry is based in Central Louisiana as an organization designed to train people who are called into ministry. Joanne can be reached at successinministry@successinministry.com.

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March 7
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