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Sex dominates our identity.  Planted within us is a burning desire to passionately enjoy the opposite sex.  Unfortunately, for many, that burning desire is a fire raging out of control.

The average individual has their first sexual experience at age 16.  One-third of all children are aborted.  Of the children not aborted, one-third are born out of wedlock.  More money is spent each year by Americans on pornography than the combined revenues of ABC, NBC and CBS.  10% of Americans admit internet pornography addiction.

Since sex is out of control, the church often talks about sex as if it is an evil to be tamed rather than a pleasure to be enjoyed.  In church, when was the last time you heard sex portrayed in a positive light?

Wouldn’t it be great if God gave us an instruction manual on how to enjoy sex to God’s glory?  Thankfully, he did!  It is a book of the Bible called, the Song of Solomon.  The Song of Solomon is a collection of short poems that give us windows into the relationship between King Solomon and his first wife, the Shulammite.

In the Solomon on Sex book, we study this book line by line to unlock God’s plan for maximum sexual pleasure.

We also answer thirty-two common questions of sex and marital intimacy.

Religion & Spirituality
March 27
Faith Church
Cynthia Trucksess
Grades 10-17

Customer Reviews

Checkingitout ,

Solomon On Sex

Great relational book. Marriage God's way!

Ekstrand ,

Solomon is NOT a good example

The Song of Solomon poems describe an illicit sexual relationship Solomon had with one of his wives.
Three commandments are broken in the course of their relationship. God commands married couples to build families (Genesis 1:28). There is a lot of sex described in Song of Solomon, but no mention of the natural outcome of sex, children.
God commands that there be no other gods before him (Exodus 20:3). The only ones being worshipped in Song of Solomon are Solomon and his wife. They idolize each other. Never is God praised or worshipped. His character is never extolled. He barely gets a passing mention.
In Deuteronomy 17, God commands that leaders of Israel are only to have one wife. In Song of Solomon 6:8-10, Solomon compares his new bride to his sixty other wives and his eighty sex slaves.
Song of Solomon is a warning against pursuing pleasure. Read Solomon’s conclusion in Ecclesiastes 2.

Juaninana ,

okay but..

too many problematic and accusatory statements

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