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Where does an extreme introvert draw the line between being lonely and being left alone? One quirky college student is looking for the answer in the 4th floor lounge.

Her goals are simple: make one or two good friends and avoid talking to everyone else. Achieving those goals will not be easy for this gorgeous yet socially awkward heroine. She’s constantly approached by guys who are not interested in friendship. And when she finally forms some solid bonds it’s her own romantic feelings that get in the way.

Editorial Reviews

from goodreads.com
"I LOVED this book! It was a wonderful romantic comedy about Charlotte a college student who is socially awkward. She is always trying to figure out what other people are thinking when in reality 95% of the time she is WRONG! Amanda Hamm made me fall in love with all of her characters especially Matt and Jason."

from Val's Vicinity
"I really enjoyed following Charlotte through college, and watching the ups and downs of her friendships and awkward interactions. Some people might think she's weird, in fact she knows it and acknowledges it, but it's extremely refreshing to see that she doesn't let those opinions change who she is. I really had fun with this book, and the ending was very sweet."
Amazon.com reviewer Julie Richards
[The 4th Floor Lounge] "is a wonderful story; just a really good and funny 1st-person read. Truly, it was a little bit slow - no real angst or drama - but it was refreshing in that way and really enjoyable. The main character created enough anxiety and panic for herself by over-thinking things; I would highly recommend giving it a try."

Amazon.com review
"I thoroughly enjoyed this lighthearted story about the inner thoughts and feelings of a young college girl. She is not perfect but she is real. She has real fears and feelings and dilemmas. She is not a social butterfly. ... Not your typical college story of romance, but one that is equally satisfying to read. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for an easy and fun romantic comedy novel!"

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April 7
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