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Now a Netflix Film, Starring and Directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor of 12 Years a Slave

William Kamkwamba was born in Malawi, a country where magic ruled and modern science was mystery. It was also a land withered by drought and hunger. But William had read about windmills, and he dreamed of building one that would bring to his small village a set of luxuries that only 2 percent of Malawians could enjoy: electricity and running water. His neighbors called him misala—crazy—but William refused to let go of his dreams. With a small pile of once-forgotten science textbooks; some scrap metal, tractor parts, and bicycle halves; and an armory of curiosity and determination, he embarked on a daring plan to forge an unlikely contraption and small miracle that would change the lives around him.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a remarkable true story about human inventiveness and its power to overcome crippling adversity. It will inspire anyone who doubts the power of one individual's ability to change his community and better the lives of those around him.

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September 29
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Customer Reviews

jonathomp ,

Incredibly inspiring

I had to read this book for school but I immediately fell in love with the writing style and description of Malawian culture. Kamkwamba used what he had—curiosity, determination, and a scrapyard; to create what he didn’t—electricity. I’m not a sciency person, but Kamkwamba’s descriptions were interesting and there was so much more to the story than his experiments. If nothing else, I walked away from the book incredibly inspired. Do yourself a favor and read this book!

BrendaG990 ,

Amazing story about a boy never giving up.

First time I ever read anything in detail about Malawi. This boy's story of his hardship & disappointments growing up & him developing a plan by continued research, using the resources available is amazing. I recommend this book for all young people. Never give up!

Meadowwease ,

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

I love true stories of people overcoming hard situations. I would love all my grandchildren to read this and then imagine.

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