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Addie Daulton has never backed down from a challenge. After all, doing the impossible is what makes her a master alchemist. So when she learns that her best friend, James Huntsman, has been banished from the mortal world, she believes she can get him back. But finding James isn’t her only problem.

An infectious breed of zombies has appeared in the city, and they’re like nothing any necromancer has seen. Addie suspects that alchemy is involved, or more specifically, an alchemist. She strongly suspects her former colleague Neil Dunstan is behind it, using the ingredient she inadvertently gave him.

And if all of this isn’t enough, New Magic suddenly vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared two decades ago. With the naming of a new Deacon only days away and infectious zombies targeting former New Magic users, it’s not the best time for Rowan to lose his power—magically or politically.

Impossible problems require improbable solutions, and circumstances keep pushing Addie to the same conclusion: the answer is buried in her family history. A history she doesn’t remember. Now to save those she cares about, and perhaps the entire city, Addie will have to face her greatest fear. Her past.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 27
Becca Andre
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Customer Reviews

math wizard ,


This is a 10 star book! A lot of ends get tied up. Many surprises concerning Addie,Rowan,James,Elysia,Ian and so much more. Lots of twists but I loved the ending!
George proves to be a big surprise but I hope this is not the end of the series! I highly recommend this entire series!!!!

No Name1952 ,

I LOVED this series!

The final installment in this series, The Fifth Element, was worth the wait. It tied everything up in the neatest, most satisfying way for we, the fans and readers! Like a gift wrapped in a pretty bow! I got so invested in the characters and the author didn't disappoint me in her handling of them when closing out their story lines. I cried real tears over Ian, though. He was my favorite! Please read this series....you won't be sorry! I didn't want it to end!

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