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Sexy women are talking about you. 

Sadly, it’s not flattering. Too bad – because it’s not your fault!

You don’t have a clitoris, after all. So how could you EVER really know the many special ways a woman Wants/Hopes/Prays you’ll treat hers?

I’m Dr. Sadie, America’s Pleasure Coach. It’s my job to clue-in guys like you about all the ways to tease and please a clitoris – so every woman sees you as a true Sex God. I’m not kidding! You don’t need Hollywood good looks either. Just magic in your fingertips.

My sex-e-book hands you that orgasmic magic. And how do you think a turned-on, orgasmically SATISFIED woman returns all that pleasure to you? In spades! And many, many times over!

Here’s the problem. If you’re like most guys, I bet you THINK you already know my secrets. But if you could listen in to what most women confide to each other – in private – you’d know that most guys RARELY score well on clitoral savvy. Most get no higher than a disappointing 3 or 4!

Now: Think about the woman (or women!) who you want to see you as Sex God: that flirt at work … that hottie in the hood . . . your girlfriend . . . wife . . .  first date . . . whoever!

How differently would she lock eyes with you if she knew you weren’t clitorally challenged – but a Perfect Ten in the spine-tingling orgasmic touch she craves and adores!

I’ll be glad to answer that for ALL womankind: “YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

My quick-read, beautifully illustrated sex-e-book will give you that skill as well as that confidence . . . because now you’ll know…

* How to find her clitoris (even if it’s hiding), and what to touch – but even more important: What NOT to touch!

* How to instantly activate her thousands of clitoral pleasure receptors with a magic elixir you’ve got an unlimited supply of!

* How to adjust your personal touch by a mere quarter-inch in a way that’ll skyrocket her orgasmic pleasure.

* How to caress her vaginal lips so they become your ally in arousal – heating up her clitoris like you could never achieve on your own.

* How to adjust your clitoral touch from what women describe as “feels like sandpaper” to “feels like Nirvana!”

* How to tease your lover in a way that’s so over-the-top exciting, her clitoris will actually CHASE your fingertip for the orgasmic satisfaction she craves.

* How to fine-tune your touch when your lover’s on the verge of coming – so you don’t scare her orgasm away – but amplify it beyond anything she’s ever felt!

* And so much more . . .

I encourage you to click for the FREE preview of my sex-e-book now, to whet your curiosity, and hold the honor of giving your lover the MOST INTIMATE PLEASURES she’ll experience in her lifetime. 

Because when a passionate woman melts into your hands in orgasmic ecstasy, she’s fully inspired to send that passion coming back to you.

Health, Mind & Body
January 31
Tickle Kitty Press
Tickle Kitty, Inc.

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Iislap20 ,

A whole book on clitoral pleasure!

Who knew! A whole book on how to properly please a woman. Well thank you Dr. Sadie. This is a must read for all guys, even the ones who think they know what they are doing. Because this one will be an eye opener!

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