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This is the first in a series of ebooks that will look at and explore movement and strength together from a new perspective.  Volume 1 will cover the push/pull strategies of movement and strength and explore how these strategies develop.  We want every coach/trainer/clinician that reads this series to be able to do what they do better.

Sports & Outdoors
March 1
Outlaw Movement Systems, LLC
Brandon Hetzler

Customer Reviews

Vigor Revolution ,

Paradigm Changer!

Having been fortunate enough to learn hands on from Brandon for several years I was excited to read this book.

It did not fail to deliver as he encapsulated the principles I was taught as succinctly as possible, while providing clarity through well shot videos as to how the neurodevelopmental sequence principle underlies strength and athletic training.

In a very short time this book will give you insights that immediately improve your abilities as a coach, and/or insights as to how to improve your performance by understanding the foundation upon which to build a strength practice that will create authentic strength now and most importantly across the lifespan.

-Zach Ganska

Joe DeLeo ,

An inch wide and a mile deep

Brandon and Jeff do a great job breaking down the push/pull movements. I found it particularly useful to learn how they see movement and evaluate their athletes.

Great insight into programming and teaching that one can apply to their own practice. Looking forward to Volume 2 !
- Joe DeLeo

Brynnp13 ,

The new language of movement

Amazing read! Great content in an easy to understand format that can be immediately implemented. The videos are excellent, each one like a mini seminar. As a chiropractor who has worked alongside Jeff for many years, I can attest to the results of this system, not only in regards to athletic improvements, as great as those are, but in regards to injury prevention and recovery. Any clinician, any coach, anyone involved in the training or health care fields must read this book! Can't wait for the next one
Dr. D. Scott Paxton

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