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What if all of the Disney Pixar films existed within the same universe? 

From the author of the world-famous phenomenon known as “The Pixar Theory” comes a re-imagining of the Pixar universe with an original story and all-new characters, packed with colorful artwork by illustrator, Kayla Savage!

In the search for their missing friend, the grandson of a famous detective and his clumsy friend take on an adventure through time. Along the way, they’ll team up with a magic-wielding professor, a wildly polite monster, and other dangerous allies as they make their way through the rich universe of Pixar.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 25
Jon Negroni
Jonathan Negroni

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KIWIBlast ,

The Pixar Detective

A great, fun read!

iLoveW-C&V ,


To the user who said this book was a “great read” and rated it five stars, I have no choice but to point out how WRONG and DELUDED you are to think that—and now I must warn others ahead of time to NOT be tempted by this “free download”. In fact, this book should NEVER have been submitted to iBooks for availability as it is clearly just a head-canon and not officially canon—that is, it’s fan-fiction and should’ve just been left alone on the BLOG where it originated from. I don’t know where Negroni gets the delusion of “making profits out of his fan theory” from, but the Pixar Theory as a whole is just CRAP and has now gotten to the point where it needs more than ever to be DEBUNKED once and for all. In fact, that same theory should not have been turned into a book—let alone made available for purchase as an e-book over on Amazon’s website, either. The reason I point out that both this book and the theory it’s based off of is HEAD-CANON is because it’s entirely FANDOM-BASED and should therefore not continue to be stated as a FACT, considering the people who debunk this theory have already POINTED OUT its flaws MULTIPLE TIMES while also saying it’s entirely FALSE and NOT TRUE, yet the so-called “believers” REFUSE to listen for SOME REASON and instead come up with LAME EXCUSES such as “You just don’t get it.” and “It’s just for fun.” You CAN’T keep telling debunkers they’re “missing the point” just because YOU like to think that this theory is “real”—well GUESS WHAT, it’s NOT! And what you people THINK should be considered a “cinematic universe” just because of the EASTER EGGS is actually that of a MULTI-VERSE, because not every one of their FILMS take place in a “single universe”. The timeline itself is also wrong, and every new release being added to this “theory” just to see how it “fits in” with the timeline DOESN’T make the theory any better—only WORSE, and that’s it. Still think all of Pixar’s films are secretly about the “apocalypse”? Or the “uprising of animals and machines against human beings”? Re-watch all the films AGAIN. Maybe you will change your mind once you come to REALIZE that that’s not what ANY of their films are really about. See, the Pixar Theory is so dark to the point where every single one of its details have been secretly BRAINWASHING audiences AGAINST the true brightness and color of Pixar’s actual films themselves—as it attempts to try and TAKE AWAY all of their happy endings and sad scenes along with moments of laughter in-between, the Pixar theory not only DESTROYS all of that but also turns them into dark and depressing HORRIBLE ones instead. It just goes to show, a fan theorist’s only AGENDA is to TRICK your mind into only seeing the films as SCARY and not INNOCENT, therefore NEVER seeing them the same way EVER again in the process. This has gotta STOP, and I mean NOW. The whole thing was never “mind-blowing” to begin with. (NOTE: This rant to be continued. Consider yourselves warned. If for some reason you don’t believe me then that’s only your fault and problem, not mine. Should I ever consider reading this story, I won’t be downloading it here. To me it is better to just read it on the blog and nowhere else. I know the difference between official canon and head-canon, and this tie-in story is entirely a “fandom-based” head-canon and not officially canon because the theory it’s based on has already been proven false/wrong multiple times, so don’t just go around thinking I can’t at least be able treat it as “fan fiction” only...because that’s basically what this is, anyway. Just because you still believe all their films are connected, doesn’t mean it’s ever going to be fact, it never will be. And the witch from Brave will never be “Boo”, either...there is no actual “time-travel” involved with the doors in any way. Also the short films do not create problems when it comes to the theory; they debunk the theory. Some of their films, including the upcoming 2020 feature project titled Onward take place in alternative universes, therefore making the worlds parallel all their own and not on the same timeline as the Toy Story series. One last thing before I end this: WALL-E is the only Pixar film to ever truly take place in the future, period. Consider that particular and specific film the farthest ahead of all you can go on the true Pixar timeline, which is really one not based off the stupid fan theory version anyways.)

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