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One summer, a young boy, Ethan, falls in love with his rural cousin, Alice, only to lose her when she vanishes in a rash of mysterious child disappearances.

Twenty-five years later, children are again going missing from this same small community. Ethan returns to confront his fears and to separate fact from childish fantasy to bring his cousin's killer to justice.

Contains a trace of adult language, no child violence, paranormal elements.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 9
Jan Strnad
Jan Steven Strnad

Customer Reviews

Judith Quinn ,

The Summer We Lost Alice

TSWLA, was an excellent book. The story riveting,with just enough sense to hook the reader in before taking that super-natural turn.
Normally I don't take the time to write a review, tho I read as many as seven books in a week, depending upon length .But, your story telling abilities are so fantastic. The story being rich with interesting information re: characters, and twists of the plot, from the beginning to the very end. Never was there a moment when the story line ran thin.Or the hint of a formula (story pattern) come through.
I so enjoyed your book. I hope you will continue to write books fir the average adult reader. It is disappointing to me, the reader when an author writes a series or number of books and by their third book I see a clear pattern coming through. Traumatic event, response to event, blah, blah.Tiny or cliff hanger just before the end where most (often not all) of our questions are answered and loose strings neatly tied up.
To me your story reminds me of an five course meal, where every dish, from appetizer to dessert is rich, and delicious. Better than the course before.
Thank you for bringing so much joy to so many through your craft.

Kindest Regards,
Judith Quinn

Dough DRT ,

Read this book!

The first part of the book takes place years ago, when the main character is nine. When that part ended, with only one tenth of the book read, I thought, shoot, this is a book of short stories - I hate short stories.

WRONG! That's when the book really takes off, and, BAM!, you're just at the beginning of a wild ride. Hop on and have fun with it - it's a great story. Funny, tearful, and powerful. I loved it!

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