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LIGHTS OUT! The “Everlasting Voices” trilogy concludes with an explosion of hope, a grave betrayal... and more answers than you can handle! Events of the last six years build to a frenzy of revelations, casting everything that’s gone before in a new—and deadly—light. No exaggeration, no hyperbole: there has never been a more important issue of Lost Light.

Comics & Graphic Novels
February 28
IDW Publishing
Idea and Design Works, LLC

Customer Reviews

Killstorm ,

I h8t wrap ups

SPOILER FREE: It’s wrapping up the quest in the worst possible way for a long-time fan. A character I really liked dies (maybe the last character I liked) and its a “Happy Ending”. I’m kinda glad IDW is ending the run on this comic. Maybe they will create something new that’s awesome. I guess the EarthWars game stories will do for now. And I will always have the first volumes to re-read.

Additronous ,

Great ending to the quest!!

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read this if you did not predict the ending to this series!! I know the series isn’t over yet, but I think James Roberts gives us hints on what the ending will be like in the first issue of Lost Light and Mtmte. In Mtmte, he gave us a hint with the radio on how not to look in the basement of the Lost Light because Overlord was in there. And then in Lost Light he gave us a hint by Drift having a vision of Pharma and the spark eaters, and I knew this was going to maybe be the ending to the series. Sorry if this is a spoiler to you guys, I’m just trying to predict.

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