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“Oh God, I loved reading about Thorne and his fight to do the right thing for the universe and help others. Then he meets Meimi and everything changes so that looking after her – and finding out everything about her – is paramount.” – The Book Addict Live

One day, eighteen-year-old Thorne could become the Emperor of the Omniverse, the single being who rules countless worlds. Trouble is, Thorne's father, Cole, is both the current Emperor and a sadistic freak. In fact, Cole won't even keep his promises to the very humans who got him his throne.

Well, Thorne won't stand for it.

Our hero takes a break from saving the Omniverse in order to visit the human world. His goal? Making good on Cole's promises. What Thorne expects is a routine mission. What he discovers is his one true love, what his people call their transcendent. Finding Meimi Archer is more than Thorne ever imagined possible. Now, he's willing to do anything to keep his transcendent safe, no matter what that may cost himself and his home world of Umbra.

“This story builds a world of action, adventure and makes you see things in a different light. Can’t wait for the next one!!!!” – Teresa, Goodreads

This new series is perfect for: fans of urban fantasy, cool science, evil corporations, space operas, dystopian adventure and forbidden romance.

Dimension Drift Prequels
1. Scythe
2. Umbra

Dimension Drift Novels
1. Alien Minds
2. ECHO Academy
3. Drift Warrior

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Young Adult
March 26
Monster House Books, LLC
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Customer Reviews

johnjers ,

Awesome title for Alien planet!

Royals have problems too!
This book is from Thorne’s point of view. It tells of his family’s problems. Umbra shows that Royals have family problems too, not everything is perfect. You learn whatThorne is willing to do to be with Meimi. It left me wanting more! Can’t wait to read the next book! Definitely a must read!

Teresa Kizzar

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