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What makes someone an underground legend? Not being a part of the mainstream is one definite requirement. This new series tells the amazing stories of some of the most important Underground Legends ever.

Larry Hoover’s story is deep, many hear his name in rap songs as Chicago’s biggest gangster or drug dealer, but most don’t understand his real legacy. 

Iceberg Slim started pimping at 18, and continued to be engaged in pimping until age 42. Then In 1967 he was encouraged by his wife, to write his first autobiographical novel Pimp: The Story of My Life.

 Robin Harris one of the funniest comedians to ever do it, originally from the South Side of Chicago, Robin first started to get known as the M.C at the comedy act theater in LA. 

The Egyptian Lover started out as a DJ in Los Angeles with Uncle Jam’s Army DJing small parties and clubs and grew to the point where they had dances at as large a venue as the L.A. Sports Arena with 10,000 people strong! 

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., was a controversial Jamaican political leader loved by many while at the same time being demonized by others..

Bushwick Bill was born in Jamaica as a youth he moved to Bushwick N.Y. hence his nickname. After relocating to Texas in the mid 1980’s he was discovered by J. prince the owner of legendary Texas label Rap-A-Lot Records. Bushwick Bil became a hip hop legend as a member of groundbreaking southern hip hop group The Geto Boys. 

 Scott La Rock was a true Hip Hop Pioneer as founding member of one of it’s most important groups Boogie Down Productions. It was at his job as a youth counselor/social worker at the Bronx’s Franklin Armory Men’s Shelter on 166th Street where Scott would meet a young man with whom he would make music history, KRS ONE.

 Huey P Newton and his partner Bobby Seale were the founders of the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers turned into one of the most important cultural movements in American history. He had many episodes with the law and many jail stints but he eventually earned his PHD.

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