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In Who I Am, Alexandra Hargreaves struggles with the mantle of the Fey. In her mind, the Fey defined her beloved Fey Special Forces Team killed two years ago under Paris. Most people believe the myth that the Fey is a man. As a group of men gather to block her progress forward, Alex becomes the Fey for the first time.

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Who am I? Who am I really?

Only the world famous Fey can manifest a team to rescue hostages around the world. In Who I Am, Lieutenant Colonel Alexandra Hargreaves suspects she is not the Fey.

As Alex grapples with doubt, her world fills with turmoil. Joseph Walter is shot. A traitor infiltrates her team. A Senate sub-committee pulls their funding. And a secret from the past threatens to destroy her family. In the midst of the chaos, Alex leads her team to find a missing UN field operative and destroy a child prostitution ring.

In the end, Alex discovers her biggest obstacle to becoming the Fey. Herself.

As readers of the Alex the Fey thriller series have come to expect, Who I Am is a tense, dangerous adventure with heart pounding relationships you will never forget. If you love a strong female character caught in suspenseful mystery with plenty of action, Who I Am will not disappoint.

Who I Am is the third book in Claudia Hall Christian’s Alex the Fey thriller series.

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February 5
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Customer Reviews

Sillicacher ,

Another great fictional read.

I personally read this book three times along with the other three and avidly await the fifth book, IN THE GREY coming out in mid-March 2013. Yes, no woman has ever been a real US Army Green Beret in SF etc. but this is fiction people. This author writes a compelling and ever entrancing story line that keeps you salivating for more. Yes, oh I really have read each book three times and am reading them a forth before the fifth comes out!
Maybe some critics feel her details are incorrect but remember this is fiction. Ms, Hall is a gifted author who I would love to meet someday because she's real. I subscribe to her email letters and follow her progress almost daily. Please read these books in the spirit they are written, as fiction. The characters in my opinion are believable, and her details of the struggles injured soldiers suffer are not fiction. Ms. Hall challenges us to realize the damages that combat has on all of our military personnel on active and reserve duty. Our military is preserving our American Freedom as our Constitution mandates and have suffered severely.
Loss of body parts, infections that can and do kill are presented in a way through these stories that anyone can relate to. We send our young people off to fight and forget them when they come home with all the injuries and mental anguish they suffer. Ms. Hall writes fiction but she also writes a compelling series that challenges the American people to stand up for our military personnel, EVERY SINGLE ONE, and their families.
One thing that might seem outrageous to some is the team living together in one household. Well, duh, how many of us have to live with our families due to our own disabilities, financial woes, childcare needs and parents with age related issues we care for. The team living together allows for quick response to do the very important rescues that make the story flow.
Ms. Hall also provides the encouragement and strength of helping one another through our struggles in life. She addresses marital issues, alcoholism, PTSD, amputation, massive infections that zap the life of people, domestic violence, and her characters grow STRONG and overcome their issues. They do not loose them, they deal everyday with them and that makes this authors fictional series of "Alex the Fey" come alive on paper.
I pray this review is allowed because Claudia Hall Christian is a shining star in the fiction world. You will be surprised!!!!!

tntsec ,


The Fey series is awesome! On my second read. Love it. Would recommend. Would also warn about language.

Leahmae503 ,


This author is absolutely amazing. I could not get enough of this series and I'm sad that it is over. I felt like I was a part of Alex's life and I couldn't put these books down to save my own life. I definitely recommend this series!

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