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In Japan there are now many people who can receive messages from and converse with the creator god of the universe, as well as other gods of the universe and Earth, the myriad gods of nature and natural phenomena, Moses, Siddhārtha, Christ, Muhammed, Amaterasu Oomikami (Ihiriki), Izanagino Mikoto (Airiki) and other human deities.

Many things are also taking place that can only be described as miracles.

This all has a very profound meaning.

This book contains material that reflects many messages and communications from these gods. It in great part consists of the gods' warnings, guidance and advice in regard to the fact that instead of pursuing evolution of the heart and elevation of our inner dimension we inhabitants of Earth are choosing to devolve, and that instead of pursuing the (spiritual) civilization of logic based reason that would bring true happiness to both us and Earth's nature we―obsessed with the delusion that it lies in the economic growth that only destroys the nature which nurtures both us and all other life―are rushing to expand a civilization based on things and the material.

When the destruction of Earth's nature―whose balance we inhabitants of Earth are utterly unable to create―reaches the tipping point, the gods will start a major purification of the Earth that will take the form of cataclysms. When this happens we inhabitants of Earth will have brought about a crisis of our own making that will endanger all physical life.

On entering the 21st century harbingers or warnings of this have already begun to appear. However, due to leading emotional level lives based on nearsighted physical vision we on the whole have not realized this major flow. To sensitively catch these divine warnings we inhabitants of Earth must use inner vision and judgment of the rational level and above .

We humans have not ourselves created all the myriad living beings, the universe, Earth or ourselves. They are all gods' handiwork.

The time has come when we must heed the gods' warnings and advice.

We have very little time left.

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September 22
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