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Just days before a major Ministerial Summit between Russian and Latvian leaders is to begin in Riga, Ted Schwen is back to find answers, settle old scores, and take his son’s remains back to Atlanta. Toby had been taken and murdered ten years ago when Ted was the U.S. Ambassador to Latvia. Ted knows those at fault will never talk and those responsible for finding the truth will never truly search for it. He is back in Riga to find answers, and his constant companion–his dead son Toby–is there to assist…in spirit.

Ted teams up with an officer from the American Embassy in Riga, Jules Bailey–a young woman with an old soul, an open mind and heart, and a gift handed down from generations past. Jules uses her gift with a similarly gifted woman, a mother who lost her son to the same monsters. The women must help Ted find answers hidden deep within the walls of a forbidding old house on the shores of the Baltic Sea. But it’s neither the house nor the sea they have to worry about; the ancient woods nearby reek of death, old pagan ways, and a demon named Biiel.

At the end of the day, after the sun sets and the moon rises high in the sky, we’re free to search for those haunting secrets from the past. We’re free to find things that should never be talked about. But don’t be surprised when you find that what you looked for was already there, clawing to wiggle its way out. In simple old lore terms, when this happens, just turn and run as fast as possible…before it’s too late.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 1
D.A. Winstead
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