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America We Have a Problem - Our Society is disintegrating: God is missing from the public square, the is family under assault, abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, marriage numbers declining, offensive language, church attendance down, teen-age preganancies, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), pornography, drug use epidemic, mass shootings, black-on-black killings, poverty, national debt and more.
Does it ever seem to you like in some of the more important areas of our lives we pretend there are no rules? The theme of this book is that life is a lot harder than it has to be and certainly a lot harder than it is intended to be because we disregard the rules, the Natural Laws, that tell us how to behave and how to live with Joy and Peace, both with ourselves and others. In our society – in our culture, we have rules for almost every activity in our lives, with more rules being put into place seemingly every day. Rules about which side of the road to drive on, who can drive, laws requiring us to wear seatbelts, even laws and regulations about what we can eat and drink. Rules and regulations are in effect which dictate where we live (zoning laws), the manner and materials, we use in building our homes and businesses (building codes), whether or not to buy, sell, or rent property (local ordinances). In addition to laws and regulations, our employers have policies that address on the job standards, behavior and dress. We are a nation of laws and rules. It would be impossible for our society to function without laws and rules to govern our behavior and conduct; how we treat each other and how we conduct business and our personal affairs.
So then, why is it that in some of the most important areas of our personal lives many of us ignore basic rules for living? For the purpose of this book, I am talking about rules for how we behave and interact with other people, rules regarding families, marriage, sex and even our personal finances - these rules are called Natural Laws and have existed forever.
It may be that these Natural Laws are new to you; that the concept of universal, naturally occurring rules regulating our behavior and conduct has never made it to your radar screen. If that is the case, I ask you to consider the concept of Natural Laws. Most people will be familiar with the ideas we will discuss. If this whole discussion is unfamiliar to you, please determine to give it serious thought. You can Find Joy and Peace with Natural Laws.

March 23
Tom Maloney
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