Lukas and Adam are best friends and roommates in Hamburg's red light district. Luke, determined, clever and creative, is on the best way to make a career in an advertising agency. Adam, a charming hot-head, tries in vain to get a grip on the Hamburg film industry. He still clings to their common youth dream, to start a film company together one day. Luke, on the other hand, tries to avoid a professional collaboration with his chaotic friend. At a wild Kiez night, the two and their pal Marten run into a bachelorette party won some drunk ladies. To pick up the pretty ladies, Adam and Luke pretend to be wedding filmmakers. In the eagerness of flirting, they promise Marten, who is going to marry a week later and is still desperately in search of a wedding film team, to make his wedding film. On the next day, Marten's brother and groomsman Rocko, a former elite soldier, shows up and reminds the two wedding filmmakers with military zeal of their obligations. He takes over the management of the operation Wedding Film and presents a tight production schedule to the friends…

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German (Stereo, Dolby 5.1)
English (Subtitles)

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