The year is 1979. Jack Anderson, a naive, clean-cut law student is feeling under pressure: Tuition is due and Jack doesn't have the cash. His classmate, fast talking Gino, a gambler, entices Jack to join him at the racetrack. Gino got a tip. The fix is in, and the pressure lifts as the tuition money appears at the counter after cashing in the winning ticket. But Gino's hungry for more action and has yet another plan for Jack's newly earned tuition money. Enter a car-parts-dealer-shark named Dennis Slattery who happens to be Gino's uncle. Gino gets his uncle to lay out a loan so he and Jack can have another shot at the track. Jack loses yet again and has now dug himself into a deeper hole. He's on the hook with Dennis as well as the bursar's office. It turns out that even though the race is "fixed," it doesn't always mean you'll win. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Gino as well as Dennis' wife, Dennis is running around with Anna, a young Italian bombshell who is suddenly in desperate need of citizenship. Unable to leave his wife, Dennis "offers" Jack the most unusual deal of a lifetime: Marry his Italian concubine for the chance to forgive the debt. With an icy glare, Dennis sets the ground rules to ensure poor Jack's life: The marriage is strictly platonic. As Jack walks down the aisle and crosses over a threshold, he trades in one pressure for another. As the sexual tension builds and love slowly blooms, how can a guy manage to live happily ever after under these circumstances?

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