A Coup In Camelot reveals the latest evidence, research and forensic 'fingerprints' surrounding that fateful day in November of 1963, when President Kennedy was assassinated. Recreations, animations and archival footage will take you back to the moment it happened, and leave you on the edge of your seat as startling new secrets are exposed. With in-depth study of botched Secret Service protocols with top expert Vince Palamara (Author, “Survivor's Guilt”), and forensic Zapruder film analysis utilizing 6k digital scans with Sherry Fiester (retired Forensic Investigator with the Dallas Police Department and Court Certified Forensics Expert, Author of “Enemy of the Truth”) will determine exactly where the fatal head shot came from. Shocking details of medical alterations and an elaborate casket shell game are revealed by Douglas Horne (Head of Military Records for the Assassination Records Review Board and Author of “Inside the ARRB”) and Dr. David Mantik (Radiation Oncologist, 9 visits to the National Archives) examines the authenticity of the x-rays and autopsy photographs. Also, Oswald's turbulent life and actions are examined by Dick Russell (Oswald expert and Author of “The Man Who Knew Too Much”), and the decades long search for the mysterious Girl on the Stairs by Barry Ernst (Investigative Journalist and Author of “Girl on the Stairs”) comes to an end. Also featuring Jerry Dealey (Dealey Plaza Historian and JFK Researcher) and Writer Art Van Kampen. This powerful examination of new research and exclusive interviews weaves an amazing story of conspiracy, and reveals the dramatic tale of A Coup In Camelot.

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