A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy is a heartfelt, ensemble, romantic comedy set in an idyllic Swedish summer. Sumptuous food, saunas, and midnight skinny-dipping are tradition during the Swedish Midsummer, the longest day of the year. This year, friends have gathered to the country house of Emil & Susanne, the perfect Swedish couple. In attendance are: Eva who is looking for something (someone) to take her mind off her recent split from Patrick, Anders and Maria, the nude hipsters who are trying for their first kid, Micke and Katrina who are about to have their first "any day", and finally the American, Sam, who engages the proceeding with a twinkle and a smile. Who knew that the women dance without underwear on Midsummer's Eve? Sam's expectations for Swedish Midsummer are met and exceeded when a big SURPRISE that Emil planned goes awry – leaving everyone all turned around.

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