Lana, a socially conscious photo artist arrives at the beautiful loft apartment of Charlie, her friend and a notorious art gallery owner. Tonight is Charlie’s most important opening and the after party will be here, at her apartment. Charlie’s parties are the things of New York legend. Among Charlie’s guests: Gavin, Charlie’s ambitious actor boyfriend and Julia, Gavin’s flirtatious friend, Dennis, Charlie’s nervous business partner, Amesh, a self-conscious would-be playboy and Vida, one of Charlie’s newest artists are among the arrivals. Also among the arrivals is Hollis, Charlie’s upstairs neighbor who has come to ask Charlie to keep the noise down. Meanwhile, Charlie discovers the truth about her business: Her all important opening has been a disaster and her business is failing. The party is coming to an end. As Charlie becomes distraught, she obsesses over her guests and begins to see her own party as the punch-line to a cruel joke.

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