After a string of unsuccessful ghost hunts, aspiring television producer Theresa Augland lands the opportunity of a lifetime when she convinces winery owner Ashen Till that her team of paranormal investigators should be the ones to search his family’s vineyard, King’s Ransom Winery, for echoes of the dead. Determined to capture some great footage proving the existence of ghosts, not even her advanced pregnancy will keep Theresa from making the trek into the remote northern California wilderness. One of the most haunted locations in America, the the century-old winery has been the site of a plethora of gruesome deaths and strange phenomena over the years. When the team begins to look for signs of lingering spirits, King’s Ransom delivers, providing electromagnetic and electro-phonic phenomenon that causes their sensitive equipment to register readings beyond their wildest imaginations. As Theresa delves deeper into the history of the estate, exposing a dark pattern that seems to have shaped the lives of those who came before, the team awakens a spirit hidden deep within the walls of the old winery. Painful memories and deep-seated fears come rushing vividly to the surface, as something sinister probes the minds of Theresa and her crew, exposing insecurities, dividing them and turning them against each other. One by one, each member of the team falls victim to the strange power that inhabits the vineyards. With her chances of survival waning, Theresa is forced to turn to Rachel, the foreboding spirit of the long-dead matriarch of the Till family, who holds a horrifying secret and the key to defeating the evil at King’s Ransom Winery.

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HeckArt Studios LLC


English (Stereo)


Closed captions (CC) refer to subtitles in the available language with the addition of relevant non-dialogue information.

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