"There is no possibility that it will not happen!" Christian radio evangelist Harold Camping sounded the alarm. May 21, 2011 was to be Judgment Day, God's intervention into our worldly affairs. The billboards declared, "The Bible guarantees it!" From where does this Apocalyptic excitement originate? Apocalypse Later traces the roots of end times predictions from the Book of Daniel to the historical Jesus and lastly to Paul, the greatest of the Apostles. The same excitement that Harold tapped into for his May 21st prediction is the same excitement that helped birth a world religion 2000 years ago. For two weeks leading up to May 21st, filmmaker Zeke Piestrup was granted full access as the only journalist to speak daily with Harold Camping. The up close portrait is juxtaposed with commentary from three giants of biblical scholarship: Bart Ehrman, John Collins, and Loren Stuckenbruck. From Mark 9:1 to May 21, the end is coming right now! Or, perhaps a little later.

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Gravitas Ventures


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