Danny Sullivan wakes from his dream as he travels by bus through a barren, wintry landscape to Silver River. Upon his arrival, the young clergyman learns that if he is to assist the dying Father Rob, he's going to need to sway the skeptics who badger him into admitting that he hasn't spoken to his brother - a local - in years. With the help of a quirky, attractive young woman from his past, Danny finds the trail toward the reclusive dwelling of his younger brother, Jake, a shaggy haired hermit who wants no part of what Danny has to offer. But through Danny's persistence, the two find moments to reconnect. On this ride of faith, (ice)fishing, and a fight that flares out of control, Danny, Jake, and Nicole confront their shared scars from a past event that set them on their different paths in life. And while none of them come out unscathed, they are no longer paralyzed by a past age.

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