Aravan is a tamil period film directed by Vasanthabalan and based on Su. Venkatesan's novel Kaaval Kottam. The story is set in 18th century Madras Presidency and narrates the story of Aravans of Kotayur. Kombodhi (Pasupathy) is the leader of a tribe belonging to the Vembur village and their community thrives on looting. During one such particular expedition to steal jewels, they come across a solitary thief known as Varipuli (Aadhi). He is an orphan, who is courageous and skilled in his talent, he happens to win over the hearts of Vembur inhabitants. Instantly, he gets inducted into Varipuli's tribe and even saves Kombodhi on one occasion. Later, Varipuli is being hunted by a group of people belonging to Mathur village. This particular event sets into a flashback that reveals Varipuli's real past. He was known as Chinna of Veerampatti village who were at loggerheads with the Mathur village for an unfortunate incident that took place. Now Chinna, like Aravan in Mahabharat, is ready to accept the verdict to avoid a blood bath. Will Kombodhi come forth and save him?

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