Following a volcanic eruption along the China-North Korea border that leaves the entire Korean peninsula in shambles, seismologists warn that an even greater eruption is forthcoming – one that could devastate the entire region. Enlisting the help of renowned Korean-American scientist Bong-rae (Don Lee), the government scrambles to find a way to stop the impending explosion. Bong-rae’s plan calls for the use of nuclear warheads, which are currently held in North Korean territory and their precise location known only by imprisoned defector Jun-pyong (Lee Byung Hun). After a freak accident leaves explosive disposal expert In-chang (HA Jung Woo) in charge of the team tasked with extracting Jun-pyong and locating the warheads, the two very different soldiers must work together to race against the clock and save all of Korea before it’s too late. Co-starring Bae Su Zy and featuring breathtaking special effects, Ashfall is a non-stop action thrill ride on a truly epic scale.

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