“Australien Skies 2: Contact Of Interest” is the second film in the critically acclaimed "Australien Skies" UFO series from documentary film maker Don Meers. In “Contact Of Interest” we accompany Don as he returns to Kiama in New South Wales to visit UFO contactee Liam Freaney, who appeared in the first Australien Skies film. With a collection of UFO footage, black helicopters and claims of government conspiracy, Liam’s appearance in the first film caused a great deal of excitement and controversy. However, as Don discovers, not all is well with Liam. In the time that has passed, his experiences have taken a decidedly darker turn. After listening to Liam’s concerns, both Don and Liam enlist the help of internationally recognized regression therapist Mary Rodwell. Having worked with over three thousand contactee cases previously, Mary steps in to help, only to uncover some startling revelations about Liam and why he is a “contact of interest". “The next time you think it might be fun to film a UFO, be careful what you wish for, as you might get more than what you bargained for”

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