Tony Parra (Grant Landry, Bride & Prejudice Australia) is a sensitive social worker stationed in Saint Agnes, a rundown, neighborhood hospital where he tirelessly works to “save” every hard luck case that comes through the door. Leo Kessler (Jaimie Fauth, Rubdown), his partner of three years, is a financial planner who wants nothing more than to have his “overly-diverse” small business narrow to a few key wealthy clients, have Tony quit his job and have both of them permanently relocate to the DC suburbs where they only associate with a high caliber of clientele. Tony lands one final case before Christmas: an abandoned premature infant, whom he names Dylan. Despite Saint Agnes’ limited resources and the dire condition in which the baby arrives, Dylan survives. After three months, Dylan is released from the hospital, only to be returned by the adoptive parents that Tony finds for him, because they come to believe (thanks to Tony’s hard-nosed boss Heidi), that Dylan is a crack baby. Knowing the stigma the baby now faces, Tony turns to Leo; he wants them to adopt Dylan. “He’s our baby, Leo.” Damaged by his own turbulent childhood, but motivated by his love for Tony, Leo reluctantly says “Yes”. Caring for Dylan, a high maintenance infant, is second nature to Tony. However, tending to Dylan’s needs is alien to Leo and he is endlessly frustrated. His inability to “manage” Dylan becomes an embarrassment for Leo. His complete lack of nurturing instincts soon drives a wedge between the couple. Exactly what Leo feared seems to be happening: Tony seems to have chosen Dylan over him. Just when Leo seems to muster the courage to confess that he believes he has made a terrible mistake adopting Dylan, tragedy strikes; Leo never gets to make that confession to Tony. Ultimately, Leo has to decide on his own whether he can learn to be a father to Dylan, or if returning Dylan to the custody of social services is the best choice for all.

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