#BLESSED goes inside an Evangelical church that has quickly amassed a large following among the young, hip and tattooed. As Pastor Sam and his team grow the church, the film explores the lives of some of its young members. Aspiring pastor David works on a chaste relationship with Mona as he prepares for bible college; former party girl Aimee turns from coke and a relationship with a woman to a celibate and church-centered life; Conan throws himself deeper into church while struggling to believe; and Galen, a young academic fascinated by the church's pull, all the while questioning its tactics. Much like other viral church start-ups of the 21st century, Sam and his team have given church a modern re-branding. However, it becomes clear that what these youth are searching for is not new at all - it is the age old need to be part of something bigger than oneself. But how will C3's new converts react to its conservative, Christian values hidden beneath its shiny new packaging?

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Gravitas Ventures


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