This is the unlikely story of the most beloved and recognizable automobile on Earth, the Volkswagen Beetle. It’s the car that gave mobility to the masses and captured the hearts and minds of generations. Born from the darkness in Nazi Germany, the car drove into the light, transcended all odds and went on to sell more than 21 million units worldwide, becoming the best-selling automobile of a single design in history. Over two years in the making, THE BUG is a meticulously researched documentary vérité portrait of the automobile and the company that helped create Germany’s economic miracle after WWII. As a corporation, Volkswagen built their reputation on honesty and simplicity to become the largest car manufacture in the world. This film explores not only the history of this automotive icon, but also the intense emotional connection it has with its owners past and present… Including Ewan Mcgregor and his experience with his first VW Bug as a sixteen year old. The film covers 70 years of history through interviews with celebrities, experts and enthusiasts. From Nazi Germany to the Summer of Love and into the heart of the largest corporate scandal in automotive history, this is the story of the People’s Car.

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