Games in the Darkness was filmed based on the principles of the Bouts-rimés poetic game. The idea is for participants to compose lines of poetry that follow an assigned rhythm. In our Bouts-rimés, the players are the directors and viewers, and the rhythm is made up of short, key film fragments. The directors come up with their own ways to develop the plot between the “cine-rhythms” and shoot their respective scenes. Then viewers vote and select the scenes they find most intriguing. In order for this form to work, everyone must participate fully in creating the final full-length film.

The result? 20 directors and thousands of viewers shot the film together. In the final plot, 11 fatally ill individuals confine themselves to an attic for a game of death. The catch is that one of them is healthy. If the sick ones manage to find the healthy one, then they can prolong their own lives. If they don’t — they face certain death.

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ООО Фэт-Фри Групп


Russian (Stereo)

English (Subtitles)

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