"Thinking outside of the box can be challenging. That's probably why Seattle business man Jay Stark prefers thinking, and building for that matter, inside of them! After solving the problems of why and where to build his wife Dixie a new showroom for her burgeoning interior design business, Stark found himself asking a new question- “what are we going to build?” The answer would prove to be one of the most innovative and green friendly architectural projects in the country today. The precedent setting structure lies in the heart of the industrial Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown. And since the day its foundations were laid, it has continued to garner local, regional, and national attention, culminating in this feature documentary. In Cargoville, Thinking Inside The Box, Stark gives an exacting account of how his ground breaking cargo container construction project was incepted and then stacked up to its iconic finish. With the help of Seattle film maker Michael Gieson, as well as a diverse group of local thinkers and innovators, an inspiring documentation is given to expose how an old fashioned American vision began from the ground up, one “box” at a time. Structured within the context of Gieson's refreshingly optimistic cinematography, Cargoville-Thinking Inside the Box boldly shows how Stark's vision compliments, supports, and challenges the next wave of the green construction movement. Perhaps more importantly, it reminds us all once again that one man's junk is truly another's treasure!"

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