Sunder Srivastav is a young graduate teacher who hails from a small village. His father owns a plot of land where he dreams of starting a school to help the village children. But lacking monetary investment, Sunder is convinced by the smooth talking hustler Prem to mortgage his land and move to Dubai. Promised a lucrative teaching job and a return of investment within 2 years, Sunder travels to Bombay to meet Prem. Once there, not only does he realise he has been conned of his money, but also loses all his belongings to a petty thief. Frustrated and dejected, he wanders into a cemetery and tries blowing off steam. To his utter shock, he meets Marco's ghost. Marco was a feared gangster who let go of his criminal ways to marry Savitri, only to be betrayed and murdered by Kunta, his partner in crime. Denied atonement as a punishment for his violent life, Marco must help Sunder achieve his goals and vice versa. Can this unlikely teacher-ghost duo help each other achieve their ends?

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