A few years ago, Junior (Emmy® Award Winner Eric Nelsen) was the hometown hero, a track star with a full ride to Princeton University and an Olympic hopeful. Now he’s hooked on prescription meds, always in trouble with the law, and working as a delivery driver at a Chinese restaurant. As part of a plea deal with the police and an attempt to help him return to normalcy, he meets once a week with a priest, Father Ed (Steve Schirripa, CBS’s Blue Bloods, HBO’s The Sopranos), who struggles to get through to him. One day, while driving under the influence, Junior backs his car into Jenny (Courtney Baxter, Night Has Settled). She’s an overachiever training for a marathon with a big cash prize she plans to use to pay for medical school. There has only been one local to ever place and take home that prize and that was Junior years before. Forced to forfeit her spot due to her now broken ankle, Jenny blackmails Junior into running in her place. With six weeks until the big race, Jenny does what five shrinks, two parents and a priest could never do – get Junior back on track.

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