Community Cup: The Documentary captures the vision, creation, and execution of the first ever rider-designed course and zero-waste snowboard competition on the planet. Based on a event where snowboarding, music, community and sustainability is interwoven into one experience; professional snowboarders Chanelle Sladics and four time Olympian Kjersti Buaas set out to elevate and showcase women’s snowboarding at it’s best. The jumps and features are getting bigger and more dangerous each year, often catering towards the men. In response to a survey comparing the top men and women on the World Snowboard Tour, it was clear the high number of injuries seen amongst females could be minimized by course design. Chanelle and Kjersti invited the riders to help design a slopestyle course to minimize potential speed issues, so the athletes could execute their top maneuvers, in addition to also implementing a new progressive competition format. Through in-depth interviews you are invited to travel into the minds of 16 Olympians tackling dynamic topics like style, creativity, injuries and the art of snowboarding. Accomplishing this daunting task, the documentary portrays all the pieces of this dynamic event and showcases some of the most stylish and progressive riding we have seen in competition history. By implementing sustainability in all avenues of event infrastructure, Community Cup hopes to set a new standard for the larger, more established events. “This isn’t just about snowboarding, this is about community, this is about caring about the world and where we are evolving. Not creating one thing, while polluting another; we dont just want to take, we want to give during that process.”

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