When new motherhood meets mental health complications in America, no one is listening. Two mothers, confront the American health care system, demanding answers, asking why so many women are slipping through the cracks. There is a public health crisis looming and no woman is immune. One in seven women will experience a pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorder and one in one thousand will suffer from postpartum psychosis. Considered the number one complication of childbirth, up to 20 percent of women are affected each year. However, it is the one condition during pregnancy and postpartum that is most often under-diagnosed by care providers. This is the one condition where doctors are given the option to screen. Dark Side of the Full Moon brings maternal mental health out of the shadows, revealing, for the first time, the inconsistencies of care when new motherhood meets mental health complications. The feature-length documentary, tells the intimate story of maternal mental health complications like pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and psychosis and the failings within the medical community to effectively screen, refer, and treat the more than 1.3 million mothers suffering each year in the United States.

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