ANNE and her husband, HAROLD, have just moved into a remote ranch, believing that it offers the solace that they both crave. On their first night at the house, their friend NEIL asking them if they’ve heard the story of their house. Neil begins to tell them that this is a DEAD STORY, as it will get you “dead,” as opposed to a ghost story, which is just meant to scare you. Neil tells the story of the first murders to take place inside the house. The group laughs about the story, with Anne and Harold going to bed. In the middle of the night, Anne has a terrible, but realistic nightmare that she’s killing Harold, while he sleeps in the bed. Anne awakens and senses that someone is watching her every night. Anne also senses that something horrible has happened in a hall closet, which Anne discovers has deep scratches on the wooden floor, as though someone was clawing at the floor.

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