Vikram born into the very rich, business family of Mayurs is settled in England. He is pro-England and does not subscribe to anything Indian. Vikram's late brother Hari, had been the black sheep of the family. His love for India had made him abandon his family and settle in India. Due to an unfortunate accident, Hari leaves behind his eight-year-old son Nandu with his sister-in-law Bijuriya. Because of Hari's discreet ways, neither Bijuriya and Nandu ever know about the Mayurs and their fortunes, nor do the Mayurs know that they have an heir to their empire. Not ready to accept that Hari is dead initially, Vikram upon arriving in India, wants to sort things out fast, and leave immediately with Nandu, for England. The businessman in him thinks that he can buy absolutely anything in the world with money, including paying off Bijuriya for her services in looking after Nandu for eight years. When Vikram learns of how much Bijuriya has invested in Nandu's life - love, trust, care, devotion, he realises that such emotions cannot be bought. He is helpless in separating Nandu from Bijuriya, at the same time falling in love with the same values that his older brother Hari had come to India for. Slowly Vikram's heart knows a conflict he had never experienced before - his western upbringing vs. his growing fondness and love for India.

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