1 Day in the Epiphany of a 21st Century Girl, who kissed a Girl. Based on a story woven from true-life events, after a brutal attack, we enter the dreamscape of eVe, determined to save the life of her lesbian lover, Lila. A bittersweet romance, an allegorical virginity fantasy, love-is-love-triangle story, bordering on polyamory, the world we experience is an immersive Sci-Fi Triple-F-Rated Fantasy Fairy Tale of the Global Girl awakening to the legacy of herself in a Venice Beach, Cali Surf Shack (eden). Our experience of inner landscape, hovers over the cutting edge of life, death, dreams + reality. Lush, green, yet minimalist. In two hours, Miss Evening Lili / eVe Striptease Dancer / PHD STEM Science Candidate (Cali Lili) will present Oral Arguments to the PHD Committee. After last night, all bets are off. This morning is eVe's final prep session with Advisor Doctor Godard / god Chair of Gender Studies (Wings Hauser). He wants to know eVe's conclusions. Problem is: eVe has awoken to so many questions, she can no longer settle for Doc's limited world. Shot mostly On the Water with an original 13 song Rock Rap World Beats soundtrack Album to be released with Movie, 'this female is not yet rated' unfurls mysteries of an untold interracial love story between women of color eVe + Lilith / 'Lila.' Smashing story structure, breaking boundaries, born organically from a graphic novel / script that is surreal, narrative, love letter, declaration of independence, political protest for Democracy on behalf of all vulnerable lives in the balance. Told LikeAGirl, with a sexy -smart edge, this story is dedicated to Mother Earth, endangered communities: global girls, students, LGBTQ, bisexual, trans, BLM, Dreamers, indigenous cultures + wildlife / climate communities, especially ocean life. Are we trapped in a liminal state-of-consciousness between life + death? Or does this dream set us free? Are we dreaming of eVe? Or is she dreaming of us?

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