Every Second Counts takes an inside look at the CrossFit culture and community, where time on a stopwatch reigns as the supreme measure of performance. Those who reach the elite ranks in the burgeoning sport of CrossFit push themselves beyond limitations imposed by the mind, and flirt with the limits of physical capacity. Human perseverance has never voluntarily gone this far. Every Second Counts chronicles the dramatic journey of five athletes as they prepare for and compete in the most comprehensive test of fitness on the planet: the CrossFit Games. The road to this grueling two-day program of extreme challenges reveals what it takes to be the best in the world. The climactic finish with its surprising turn of events shows beyond any doubt that the winner of the CrossFit Games is the fittest person on Earth. "Released in 2009, the documentary focuses on CrossFit athletes Josh Everett, Dutch Lowy, Matt Murski, James "OPT" Fitzgerald and former pro-football player John Welbourn. This documentary is a window into the not-so-distant past, to the roots of the Sport of Fitness and the beginning of the quest to find the fittest on Earth, starting at the fabled "Ranch" in Aromas, California."

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