An Academy Award-nominee and Golden Globe-winner for Best Foreign Language Film, the lavishly produced costume-drama chronicles the life of Farinelli, the 18th century's most renowned castrati singer whose remarkable voice covered three and a half octaves. The songs he sang were so complex that no one has been able to sing them since. When Farinelli was just a choirboy, he witnessed the suicide of a fellow member who warned him not to let the masters castrate him. But Farinelli, then Carlo Broschi, had no choice. His father told him he could only sing the songs of his brother Ricardo, a composer noted for his complex and flamboyant songs. The brothers are exceptionally close. But when they encountered Handel obstacles arose. In London, two theaters were at war. One theater belonged to Handel, the other to his former voice teacher. Farinelli sings at the latter and is quite successful, but he then decides to earn Handel's respect and sing less florid music. He breaks from his brother, sings Handel's songs and becomes recognized as a true artist.

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