The information in our fertility documentary is needed now more than ever as the inability to conceive becomes forefront around the world. Couples are looking to medical tourism such as surrogacy and in-vitro fertilization, multiple IVF attempts, rigorous medical procedures and numerous medically assisted cycles all without good solid evidence in which to increase the take-home baby rates. In our film the viewer will be able to learn the true IVF statistics along with stories from couples of varying backgrounds some of whom have taken patiently years of treatments to no avail. We cannot wait to share stories of successful pregnancies and inspire hope into your personal journey. After years of suffering from aggressive stage 4 endometriosis the producer/director of Fertility has also endured her own fertility challenges and conceived after receiving her own Mercier Therapy. This film is near and dear to her as she seeks to spread the word of her work far and wide.

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