As the world gets metaphorically smaller, it is easy for any sports angler, willing to leave his native country, to venture forth and find all manner of excellent species to challenge. Join International Angler and BBC Television presenter Liam Dale on his travels around the world in pursuit of some of the biggest specimens to be found both in salt and freshwater. From Egypt’s Lake Nasser and the legendary Nile Perch to the toe tip of England and the wily backward swimming Conger Eel; onwards to the rocky volcanic outcrop known as the island of Madeira in search of the world’s largest Blue Marlin, via France the Mecca of the Carp world, a turn to the North West for the giant Skate of Scotland and finally an Eastern haul to the relatively independent country of Kazahkstan in search of the leviathan of Russian waters, source of the world’s most expensive caviar, the mighty Beluga! “Fishing the World” represents the “prime fillets” of Liam Dale’s acclaimed BBC TV series, broadcast in over 130 countries to an audience in excess of 60 million. This special program enables you to experience a taste of adventure from the comfort of your own armchair! Fish Facts: Nile Perch - Can Grow Over 6 Feet & 200 lbs. - Voracious Carnivore: Feeding mostly on the small fish Conger Eel - Can Grow Over 9 Feet & 240 lbs. - The only fish in British waters that can swim backwards Blue Marlin - Can Grow Over 15 Feet & 1000 lbs. (Average 500 lbs.) - One of the fastest swimmers, achieving speeds of over 50 mph below and above the surface. Carp - Can Grow Over 3 Feet & 70 lbs. - They can live up to 20 years. Skate - Can Grow Over 9 Feet & 230 lbs. - They like deep waters and often found in depth of 90 - 1,800 Feet. Their strongest sense is smell. Beluga - Can Grow Over 15 Feet & 1.5 tons - Lives on fish. Their eggs are sold as expensive Caviar. In 1924 a female Beluga was caught that contained 542 lbs of eggs. In today’s market equal to $375,000 worth of Caviar.

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