Free Jazz Vein is an experimental surf film shot on super 16mm film. In his latest work, Argentinian-born and US-based artist, Tin Ojeda, pursues his ongoing fascination with a vintage, 1970s filmmaking style inspired by period jazz album covers and movie posters. Shot in the USA, Central America, Australia, and Indonesia, the film celebrates surfing exploits while keeping an eye on the darker side of things. Ojeda, who shot and edited the film himself, revels in spectacular scenes of sunsets on the beach, sunlight glinting on foam, and heart-stopping shots of the chiseled bodies of pro surfers gliding through the waves. At the same time, he provides glimpses into the poverty that exists next to the glorious beaches, and hints at political violence simmering just under the surface. Super 16mm film, with its grainy texture, lens flares, and painterly depth of field, lends the film a nostalgic feel, while off-screen dialog and statements keep it in the 'here and now'. A driving jazz, rock, and punk soundtrack enhances the almost physical effect on the viewer, with the improvisational feel of the music meshing perfectly with the free-form style of the surfer gods - and one goddess.

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