The Bible comes alive for children and the whole family! In Part 1, The Ram, the Romans are bringing in a huge battering ram to use against the walled city of Jerusalem, the zealots in the city draw strength from the story of Elijah, Ahab and Naboth’s Vineyard, and Macky receives help from Lucius who is inspired by the story of Paul and the Shipwreck, to help those who may seem to be enemies. In Part 2, Rescue Strangers, it seems Macky may be getting a little full of himself. Isaac retells the story of Paul and Barnabas who objected to being treated as gods in Lystra but, later, when a stranger named Tamar urges him to attempt a risky mission, Macky readily agrees. Portia is angry with him for rejecting her advice and choosing a stranger’s, and Isaac recounts the story of Michal’s rescue of David from King Saul in order to motiviate Portia to action.

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